Export Australian Wine to China

Export of Australian Wine to China is our specialty. We export large amounts of wine into China under private label brands whereby the importer in China has exclusive usage of labels, enabling them to control price, supply and quality. We work with the importer to design a label that will work in their market place. We also work with the importer to identify the wine that their customers will like.

As an example of what we have been doing, we have a Chinese importer in Guangzhou for whom we have created a brand and a range of wine that consists of entry level red wine, entry level white wines, mid level red wines, a mid level white wine, black label mid level red wines (ie premium mid level), premium red wines and black label premium red wines (ie a superior quality premium red wine). In all, there are 13 different wines in the range created for this customer from Australian wine growing areas such as Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Margaret River, Central Victoria, South Australia and South Eastern Australia.

We also have some customers who prefer low alcohol wines. e.g. a Shiraz and Merlot at 10% alcohol.


International Wine Exchange produces wine from Australia's premier wine growing regions. We can provide entry, mid, premium and super premium wines from famous wine regions such as Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Margaret River, Heathcote, McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek, Yarra Valley and many others. Over the years we have provided wine to many different parts of China and have conducted many tastings with Chinese wine importers. As such, we have a very good understanding of the wine types and flavours that are preferred by Chinese wine drinkers in different parts of China.


Pricing depends upon the wine selected, quantity ordered and packaging. As a general indication, we can provide wine in the following price ranges:

  • Entry level wine              $4.95- $5.99 per bottle         MOQ: 1 Container
  • Mid level wine                 $6.00 - $12.99 per bottle        MOQ: 1 Container
  • Premium wine                  Sold out
  • Super premium wine       $53.90 - $155.00 per bottle     MOQ: 3 Pallets

These price ranges are inclusive of:

  • Wine
  • Bottling
  • 750mL punted claret bottle
  • Cork
  • PVC Hood
  • Label design
  • Label Printing
  • Label Application
  • Plain cardboard boxes (12 x 750mL bottles per box)
  • Box inserts
  • Australian Export Compliance
  • Export Documentation (ie Certificate of Australian Origin, Certificate of Free Sale, Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Bottling, Certificate of Sanitation, Certificate of non wooden packaging and other Certificates that may be required by Chinese Customs)
  • Slip sheet packing of container
  • Thermal cover to protect wine from heat during shipping
  • Local Australian port charges
  • Information for marketing purposes ie The story of the wine

We can change bottle types, we can change boxes, we can have printed boxes, etc. The importer has complete control over the wine, it's branding and how it is packaged. For example, the bottle type can be changed to light weight punted bottles to reduce the price. Alternatively, the bottle type could be changed to Super Premium bottle and add a foil hood to make it look more luxurious and premium. How it is bottled and packaged depends upon what you would like to provide to your customers in China.


We a few brands which are available right now for customers to use. These are as follows:

  • Golden Dawn
  • William's Den
  • Temple Moon

There is flexibility with label design and label names. We are able to provide hundreds of label designs for you to select from. These labels can be changed to suit the requirements of your market place.


Wine can be packaged in accordance with your requirements. It is cheapest to use plain dozen boxes with inserts, however we can use stand up six packs, lay down premium six packs, 3 packs etc. We have complete flexibility with packaging, however the more premium the packaging, the greater the cost.

We find that most customers use low cost plain white dozen boxes and re package into premium packaging in China, or into specialty made gift boxes. This helps to reduce cost for them.

Wine Education

To help our customers in China, we provide educational materials to assist customers in building their knowledge of wine. We also provide extensive tasting notes, information about the wine (including pictures of the wines, information about the growing conditions and pictures of the wine being bottled) and the story of the wine to assist with your marketing in China.


As a part of the service we provide, we also liaise with your preferred shipping agent to make arrangements.

If you do not have a preferred shipping agent, we are happy to suggest a couple that our customers have been using successfully in the past.