Export Success Stories

Case Study 1

"Buyers Own Brand" Australian Wine Export to China

An Australian based food exporter had a requirement to export wine to China utilising International Wine Exchange’s Buyers Own Brand service. The wine export requirement included:

  • Multiple varieties of wine, including Cabernet Shiraz, Cabernet Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and a reduced alcohol Shiraz
  • Branding suitable for the Chinese market to enable control of supply and price
  • Premium packaging, including premium bottles, premium labels, cork and hoods
  • Ongoing supply of high quality, low cost wine
  • Export compliance, including provision of all necessary documentation to satisfy Customs requirements in China
  • Wine education


International Wine Exchange worked with this customer to identify the wines best suited to their market place in China. As part of the process, the team at International Wine Exchange developed wine labels and branding to suit the market theme and presence required in China. The end product consisted of a range of wines including Shiraz, Cabernet Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillon Sauvignon Blanc. The packaging and presentation has been as per customer specified requirements ie. Premium wine bottles, with prestige labels, cork and black hoods with gold bands. International Wine Exchange also provided marketing information and material to assist the customer with their local marketing efforts in China. As a part of brand development, the customer has exclusive usage of the labels and branding in China, which enables them to control supply and pricing.

The low alcohol wine was developed by a team of specialist Wine Makers as a part of the International Wine Exchange Wine Blending service to suit the taste required by wine drinkers in China. This wine has proven to be very successful.

The entire range of wines has been a huge success for this customer.

Case Study 2

Australian Wine Export to Hong Kong

Representatives from a restaurant chain in Greater China made contact with International Wine Exchange about exporting Australian wines to Hong Kong for use in their restaurants.

The wine export requirement included:

  • Ongoing supply of medium to premium quality Australian wines
  • Export compliance
  • Wine education


To assist this customer in testing their market place for Australian wines, International Wine Exchange arranged for the export of small quantities of numerous types of wines to ensure the customer was best placed to identify the varieties of wine and the wine growing regions that worked best for their restaurant customers.

International Wine Exchange worked with this customer’s shipping agent and provided all Australian export compliance documentation and any necessary documentation to satisfy customs.

The approach utilised by International Wine Exchange has proven to be very successful for this customer enabling them to satisfy their growing demand for Australian wines.