"Buyers Own Brand" from International Wine Exchange

There are a number of key factors that will influence an importer’s likelihood of success and longevity when importing wine. International Wine Exchange helps importer’s to maximise their chances of success through:

  • Enabling Importers to control the supply of wine to their market place ie The importer’s customers cannot go directly to the producer. They must go through the importer for all purchases. When importing a wine with an existing brand name, there is nothing stopping the owner of the brand from having other distributors in your country, which compete with you.
  • Enabling importers to control the price within their market ie As the only supplier of a brand / wine label into the market place, the importer has complete control over the price. No need to worry about other importer of distributors undercutting you and eroding your profit margin.
  • Supplying quality wine at discounted cost. This enables importers to maximise profit.
  • Exclusive usage of a wine label / brand. When exporting a wine with an existing brand name, you are promoting someone else's brand. If you are successful, they may decide to give exclusive distribution rights to someone else or to do it themselves. With "Buyers Own Brand", you are the one with exclusive usage of the brand. No one can reap the rewards of your hard work that you do, other than you. The importer is the only party who will be able to supply the wine into the country of import.


Benefits of "Buyers Own Brand" from International Wine Exchange

With "Buyers Own Brand" from International Wine Exchange, international Wine Importers are able to achieve substantial benefits that include:

  • All of the effort and expense you invest into marketing is it to promote your own brand, not someone else’s. This provides further value when you start introducing different types of wine under the same "Buyers Own Brand" through brand synergy.
  • The label and a wine are designed specifically for your market place. This helps to increase the chances of success.
  • All contact details on the label lead back to you. This helps to ensure that your customers can only buy the wine from you.
  • You have exclusive usage of the label within your market. This ensures your prices cannot be undercut by another supplier, which helps ensure you maintain your profit margin.
  • Grapes can be sourced from multiple grape growers resulting in an ongoing and plentiful supply of the wines you are importing. With existing brand name wines, the amount of wine available for export is limited by how much wine can be produced by the owner of that brand. Having "Buyers Own Brand" from International Wine Exchange provides international wine importers with consistent, ongoing supply of quality Australian wine.
  • Unlike pre-existing brands, the flavour profile of "Buyers Own Brand" wine from International Wine Exchange can be adjusted in accordance with market feedback, which greatly increases the chances of success.


To create your own brand and achieve control of price, quality and supply into your market place, please contact International Wine Exchange for a free consultation.